A bench-top version of the LTS200 featuring a central fluxing station, forced hot air preheating station and two static (flowing flat wave) solder pots. One solder pot is usually dedicated to flushing off the original coating (or plating) while the other solder pot is dedicated to the “virgin” alloy for the final coating. The pallet holder accepts a wide variety of T/H and SM component specific pallets. making it very versatile with minimal change over time.


The system works in conjunction with pallets that hold the components in a known position through the process. Under program control, a pallet of components moves to the flux station where the component leads are immersed to a specific depth followed with preheating the component bodies, then to the first solder pot (scavenging pot) to remove the existing coating. The pallet returns to the flux station where the leads are once again fluxed then to the second solder pot for the final homogenous intermetallic coating.

Standard Features

  • Dynamic Solder Pots
  • Dross Skimming
  • Dynamic flux pot
  • Inerted N²
  • Forced Air Preheater