Nu/Clean Flood Box

There is a better way to clean under low standoff components and in between high density components on circuit boards that does not involve a chemical solution!



Technical Devices Company has developed patent pending Flood Box technology for inline cleaning. The Flood Box is a contained area within the wash section of a Nu/Clean inline cleaner where the circuit board is completely submerged, allowing the fluid to flood the board without lowering or raising the conveyor. While traveling through the flood box, the circuit board is simultaneously being hit with pressurized spray from nozzles and being flooded with turbulent currents of fluid. The Flood Box is then followed by conventional top and bottom spray bars. The Flood Box is a self- contained area, resulting in greatly reduced chemistry loss in the wash section. The chemistry is not being sprayed into air and being sucked up by an exhaust system as in traditional inline systems. The chemistry is more efficiently recycled through the Flood Box which means lower costs and easier compliance with environmental standards. Because of the innovative way the Flood Box is able to absolutely penetrate the low clearances within the electronic assembly, the amount of chemistry needed to clean assemblies may be significantly reduced. The amount of money saved on just chemistry consumption makes the Nu/Clean Flood Box Inline Cleaner the smart choice for cleaning!