SMT Pick & Place Robot IICO

Combining all around capability with outstanding value for money, the pick and place robot iico is perfect for low to medium-volume, high-mix production environments.

Fully capable of managing the full range of smt components from 0201s to the largest QFPs and odd form devices such as connectors and batteries, iico utilizes many of the technologies of our flagship iineo platform.


An 8 position rotary turret head using ‘on the fly ‘ vision fitted with Europlacers smart nozzles, where every nozzle position is able to place any component including components that cannot be handled by conventional vacuum nozzles. The system incorporates a high level of flexibility rarely found in low-cost solutions.

As you would expect, the iico platform also utilizes Europlacer’s unique & proven core features such as Integrated IntelligenceTM , intelligent feeders, smart nozzles and 3DPS which provides guaranteed closed loop control of pick and placement forces for all components.

iico then offers a huge feeder count with additional productivity and process capability, all of which can be configured without loosing a single 8mm feeder position. here is a sample of what can be achieved within this most flexible of entry level platforms.

  • PCB sizes from 60mm x 60mm up to 500mm x 460mm
  • rotary turret heads with 8 placement nozzles
  • feeder positions – 198 x 8mm
  • Jedec storage positions- up to 6 internal trays
  • component size – 0201 to 50mm x 50mm
  • component height – 17mm
  • component testing capability- with independently verifiable calibration
  • glue dispensing – air/time
  • every nozzle position can place all and any component types, for real line balancing and no limitations
  • odd form & smart nozzle banks
  • placement rate –  up to 9 100 cph (IPC: 7 750 cph)