SP700AVI Inline SMT Stencil Printer


The SP700 series SMT stencil printers have been designed to be perfectly at home in low, medium or high volume SMT production operations. Essentially they provide the flexible solution ideal for high-mix, quick product set-up and changeover environments.

Fundamental to the SP700 series success is the Dual Roving camera (DRc) system. Developed uniquely by Speedprint, this vision platform moves printer technology forward, employing twin camera units in a ‘look down – look down’ configuration.

DRc provides greater performance and capability to manage today’s challenging applications, ensuring that process window is maintained as wide as possible for the life of the machine. In addition, the introduction of tools such as SmartCal give real time calibration and genuine control of your process by removing the need for expensive and time-consuming specialist support.


The SP700avi has been designed with ease of use, maintenance and low cost of ownership in mind. Unlike many alternative platforms, we have always included the items you must have to manage a critical process and produce high quality results; anything less is a compromise you shouldn’t be forced to accept.

Some of the standard features in the SP700 series include :

  • automatic rail width adjust
  • fully automatic stencil load & eject
  • fully programmable wet/dry vacuum Under Stencil Cleaner
  • on-stencil solder bead inspection

In addition to improved vision capability, the DRc vision system gives Speedprint users the unique capability of checking for solder paste presence on the stencil before printing. The vision system aligns the PCB with the stencil using fiducial marks and/or PCB/Stencil features. It’s as simple as a click.

When you need to produce product at micron levels, the resolution of your control & measuring system needs to be the best it can be. All Speedprint products have always utilised the most advanced drive control technology available; central to that design is the deployment of 1 micron resolution solid state Linear encoders on all axes. It’s really the only way to guarantee performance at the highest level for the life of the machine.

The simplified nature of the SP700 series interface provides comprehensive self diagnostic capabilities, such as production logging and automatic fault report generation which enables “on the fly” troubleshooting. This means we can support your machine and process remotely, from anywhere in the world.

Our precision machined print head features closed loop squeegee control as standard, with fully programmable print parameters.

Adding to the flexibility of the SP700 platform is the capability to process ultra thin PCBs down to 0.2mm.
This is achieved through installation of the UTC System which enables the PCB to be clamped top and bottom with equalised pressure and independently of the drive belts, thus producing zero distortion.