Spectrum II Premier S2-900P Fluid Dispensing System

Developed for leading-edge fluid dispensing applications, the Spectrum II Premier, equipped with the IntelliJet® Jetting System, provides the latest technology in closed-loop process controls, vision targeting, and jetting

  • The Spectrum II Premier platform delivers precision, quality, and process controls for complex dispensing applications in semiconductor and mobile electronics packaging
  • Pre-configured with the IntelliJet system, the ideal jet for the smallest dots and lines, highest frequency, and simplest maintenance
  • Integrated Monocle Vision Package targets multiple dispense locations with an expansive, high-resolution field of view and 5-channels of independent light control
  • Key features are standard on the Premier system, like Fids-on-the-Fly and wafer programming software, non-contact laser height sensing, and substrate heating
  • The Premier delivers increased productivity for cutting-edge applications, such as wafer-level packaging, advanced camera module assembly, and underfill dispensing for high-density PCBs now and into the future


The Spectrum II Premier system from Nordson ASYMTEK improves upon the world’s preferred automated fluid dispensing platform (Spectrum II) with the latest technology to manufacture the most challenging advanced semiconductor packages with applications including wafer-level packaging and underfill dispensing. The Spectrum II Premier incorporates the latest generation IntelliJet jetting system with ReadiSet™ Jet Cartridge technology, taking jetting to new levels. Capable of consistently jetting small volumes as low as 1 nL and frequencies up to 1000 Hz, the IntelliJet system jets into tighter dispense gaps with smaller wet-out distances than traditional jets. ReadiSet cartridges make jet maintenance quick and easy, keeping dispenser productivity at its highest level. The Monocle Vision Packagefurther improves wet-dispense accuracy and productivity with higher contrast capabilities and larger fields of view.

The Spectrum II Premier platform reduces process variation, increases yield, and reduces cost. Software-managed temperature, fluid and air pressure provide closed-loop control that eliminates the need for operator adjustments. Nordson ASYMTEK’s patented Calibrated Process Jetting (CPJ) automatically maintains volumetric repeatability during long production runs. Controlled Process Heat (CpH™) adds recipe-controlled heat management for improved thermal efficiency.

Pairing the performance of the Spectrum II Series advanced process controls with the IntelliJet system provides unmatched consistency for large production lines. Achieving identical performance across a production line and scaling up production rapidly and reliably is easily managed by copying process settings from system to system.


  • Equipped with the IntelliJet Jetting System
  • High Resolution Monocle Vision Package
  • Fids-on-the-Fly software for high-speed fiducial capture
  • Non-Contact Laser Height Sensor
  • Calibrated Process Jetting (CPJ)
  • Fluidmove® software
  • Dual-Simultaneous and Dual-Action Dispensing – optional
  • Tilt Dispensing: Single-Axis and Programmable Tilt + Rotate – optional
  • Dual-lane Dispensing for increased throughput – optional
  • Pre-/Dispense/Post-heating to enhance underfill flow-out and curing – optional
  • MH-900 material handlers – optional
  • Multiple Applications (underfill, cavity fill, die attach, precision coating, encapsulation, and more)