Purchasing Used Equipment Guide

Helpful Hints For Purchasing Used Equipment

Used or remanufactured printed circuit board assembly equipment can be an excellent alternative to purchasing new, but it can also be an expensive proposition if you’re not careful.

Selecting the right supplier and following a few simple guidelines will help insure the value of your next equipment purchase.

Use the following guidelines for buying your next used/remanufactured machine or system:

Guide Line Yes No
Is the equipment well suited for the task (present and future)?    
Is there a clear and accurate description of the machine(s) configuration, date of manufacture, model and serial numbers that you are considering?    
Are the appropriate manuals, set up fixtures, calibration tools and spare parts included?    
Do you know how many hours or cycles have been logged to date?    
Can the equipment be demonstrated?    
Is the machine supported by the OEM and are spare parts readily available?    
Has the machine’s functionality or safety features been altered in any way?    
Can a customer acceptance be performed with your product prior to delivery?    
Does the selling price include installation, training and follow up support by qualified technicians?    
If the machine is being sold as remanufactured, were OEM or aftermarket parts used in the rebuilding process?    
Is there a warranty and does it cover: parts labor, travel related expenses, etc – if yes, for what period of time?    
Do you have recourse if the equipment does not perform as represented or requires costly repairs? A 30 day return privilege is an excellent way of protecting your interest.    
Have you requested references?    

A “NO” in any one of these categories can represent costly exposure for the buyer.

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